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Our unique solutions for pallet industries

Suitable in large and small spaces
Advise and solutions tailor made
Over 40 years of experience
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Our unique solutions for pallet industries

Pallet Sorting

Do you wish:
- To sort more pallets with a minimum on employees
- Safe time and reduce costs

Then choose an automated pallet sorting system from CekamonSaws B.V. We design the sorting line needed in your company. In other words: tailor made for a competitive price.

Important to know: the capacity we mention is the capacity that can be achieved

Are you looking for a solution to sort many different pallet sizes? Our MPSL (Multi Pallet Sorting Line) is unique in the market! With the MPSL you are able to sort efficiently up to 30 different types of pallets with just one employee.

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Pallet Repair

- More production efficiency?
- Reduce waste?

Discover the advantages of our pallet repair machines and pallet repair lines

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Pallet stripping

Do you want to strip pallets or prepare them for repair?

The PalletSaw Type-W is thé band saw machine for every pallet company and all pallets. With the PalletSaw-W you can effectively strip pallets or replace broken parts

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Pallet Production

Do you want to produce pallets?
- Quick, efficient and safe
- In small batches
- From virgin wood or from reclaimed wood

Then choose for the Cekamon Expert Nailing table

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