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Expertise /Design

Expertise /Design

Do you want to automate pallet sorting or pallet repair?

It's worth doing. But only when the solution really fits to your situation and your demands.
CekamonSaws is your specialist in tailor made automated pallet handling. No matter the question or the available space..


Step 1
- What are the processes?
- What’s your challenge?
- Which proceedings would you like to automate?

But above all: What’s the performance the sort- and/or repair line should deliver?

We would be pleased if we could look, together with you, at the available space. If you have specific points of interest, we just take them in account


With a 3-D design we are able to show you the process flow of your new installation. At this stage, bottlenecks in the design will become visible and they will be resolved if possible.

At this stage we will hold on as long as needed until you are satisfied and have confidence in the proposed solution. After your approval we will take the order into production.

Solutions for limited spaces

Perhaps you think that your available space is not suited for an automated pallet installation. No problem for CekamonSaws.

Our installations are so flexible in set-up that we nearly always find a suitable solution. For us it makes no different whether you’re looking for a sorting line, a repair line or a combined sorting and repair line. Even single solutions like a robot can be part of a possible solution. That’s why customer choose CekamonSaws.

Last but not least we define exactly which output is achievable with the offered solution. These are fair numbers, so you can count on it that the installation achieves what is promised.