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Pallets Production

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Pallet Production

Do you wish to produce pallets from new or reclaimed wood efficiently and in small batches?

Then choose the Expert Nailing table from CekamonSaws. With this non-automatic template, you can produce 180-250 pallets a day

For all standard pallets

The Expert Nailing table is adjustable for all standard pallets with 9 blocks or 3-4 stingers. Other dimensions are possible on request. The template is suitable for 2-way entry as well as 4-way entry pallets. Even for open as well as parametric pallets. The blocks/stringers are clamped pneumatic. The pallets are also pushed out pneumatic

Also in XL Design

Does it need to be larger?

No problem for CekamonSaws. The Expert mailing table is also available in XL design. This XL design is for producing pallets with 12-15 blocks

Based on your specific requirements we can produce a tailor-made nailing table fitting your company

Products for pallet production