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Pallet Repair

Pallet Repair

Repairing broken pallets:

- is more beneficial than buying new once
- is environmentally friendly
- Pallets can be delivered faster

However, repairing a pallet costs time and therefore money. Above that: there is always the risk of injuries of your employees.

With CekamonSaws pallet repair machines and pallet repair lines you will gain more production and less absenteeism of your repair-workers.

More productivity and less absence.

With our automatic repair lines, your pallets can be repaired directly after sorting. After sorting a broken pallet will be transferred to our PalletSaw. Here the broken parts can be removed from the pallet automatically. Finally, the pallets will be repaired on our pallet repair table.

Our Pallet Repair System in combination with the Pallet Sorting Machine can be used for repairing Euro pallets and industrial pallets.

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