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Flexible Pallet Recycle Systems for your company

Suitable in large and small spaces
Advise and solutions tailor made
Over 40 years of experience
International delivery and installation

Pallet Sorting

Sorting with CekamonSaws means
- Fast and efficient sorting of all kinds of pallets
- Sorting lines for larger- and smaller companies
- The capacity needed will be realized

Pallet Dismantling

With the Cekamon PalletSaw
- You dismantle all types and sizes of pallets
- You remove boards and blocks quick and safe

Since 1993 the Cekamon PalletSaw is THE standard in pallet dismantling

Pallet Repair

Are you looking for more productivity and waste reduction?
- What to do with defected pallets
- Discover the advantages of our pallet repair machines and our pallet repair lines

Pallet Production

Do you want to produce:
- In small batches
- Either with virgin or reclaimed wood
  (with remains of nails) ?

It’s possible on our Expert jig production line.

Trust on more than 40 years of experience

Are you orientating yourself in the purchase of a new pallet machine or installation?

Please challenge us!!!!

Even if you think it isn’t possible, at CekamonSaws B.V. you will benefit from over 40 years of experience in the pallet industry. We understand your challenges and needs, and we will advise you the pallet machine you really need

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Work with machines that for sure fit in your operation

At CekamonSaws B.V. you can count on tailor made solutions. This is important, because no pallet company is the same. There are large and small businesses, companies with lots of space and companies with limited space. Then there’s a variety in routines and processes. Our machines and installations offer a solution, with or without the support of a robot.


Multi Pallet Sorting Line sorts up to 30 different kind of pallets

Discover the advantages of our MPSL (Multi Pallet Sorting Line). With this sorting line just one employee sorts up to 30 different kind of pallets. In 2017 we delivered the first MPSL to Lievaart en Slaghuis Pallethandel. In terms of speed, number of different pallet types and available space this sorting line is always tailor made.

It saves time and manpower. And in costings per pallet spot? It’s very beneficial!

Discover the advantages of our MPSL

Pallet recycle systems for every available space

Pallet sorting, repair and dismantling costs time and manpower.

- Employees are hard to find
- Manual labour soon becomes expensive

For that reason, more and more pallet companies choose the automated solutions of CekamonSaws B.V. We are, since our founding in 1993, the specialist in flexible, tailor made pallet recycling solutions.

Nowadays pallet companies throughout Europe work to their complete satisfaction and with full profitability with our machines and installations.

No matter how big or small your available space is, we make the sorting- or repair line you need. We also think it’s important you can rely on our expertise and advice. That’s why we anticipate with you I such a way that, at the end, you will have the most profitable solution. We are honest and open on costs effectiveness. So, you know exactly what you’re up to