Pallet sorting, repairing, dismantling and production with products from Cekamon Saws BV

Palletsaw-W, zaagmachine voor pallets

NEW: Mobile sorting-platform on Semi-trailer with liftable roof.
  • Useful for pallets of 80x120cm and 100x120cm.
  • Capacity of 200-300 pallets/hour.
  • Does not need much space.
  • Easy to move.
  • Very affordable.
  • Available to rent.

Cekamon LIGNA 2017 presentation:
Here is the presentation showed at our stand during the succesfull LIGNA 2017 show in Hannover.
Your broken pallets repaired thanks to Cekamon Saws!!
Used pallets:
  • need to be sorted every time;
  • while broken pallets need to be repaired;
  • or (if there is no other option) need to be dismantled.
Cekamon Saws has cheap and fast solutions for all types of pallets and all palletcompany's!
  • CekamonSaws has over 40 years experience in the palletindustry and machine construction. This experience allows us to give a custom and peronsal advice for all of our clients.
  • Besides the many services CekamonSaws has to offer, another big advantage is that Cekamon has been a leading company in the palletindustry and the logistic sector.
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You can save thousands of euros per year on your pallet wood and purchase costs. For a personalized offer please fill out the contact form.


Gebruikte machines

CekamonSaws heeft ook geregeld gebruikte machines te koop.

Gebruikte machines