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Pallet Dismantling

Pallet Dismantling

What to do with pallets that are no longer usable? Pallet dismantling is the best option.

How to disassembly pallets in an efficient and safe way?
The PalletSaw-W is the band saw for every pallet company and all sorts of pallets. With this pallet shredder machine you either dismantle the pallet completely or replace its broken parts in an efficient way.

Check out the Dismantling machinery by CekamonSaws. Since start-up; we sold nearly 600 of these machines worldwide. The Cekamon PalletSaw-W is certified by the notified body SKH.

Characteristics of the PalletSaw-W

The PalletSaw possesses the following characteristics
- The speed of the saw table is continuously adjustable.
- Pushing or pulling pallets trough the machine, both are possible
- The machine has two dust extraction points
- For 50-75 pallet per hour you can remove broken parts or you can complete dismantle 20-40 pallets per hour
- The PalletSaw-W is equipped with large wheels covered with synthetic material for longer durability  
   of the saw blades

Combined with the EndSaw

The PalletSaw can operate as stand-alone or as part of a dismantle- or repair line

For example, the PalletSaw-W can be combined with combination with the Cekamon EndSaw. A machine that trims boards of used pallets. Even when the boards contain rests of nails.

In that case:
- We place the EndSaw directly after the PalletSaw
- One worker dismantles the pallets and the other shortens the boards on the EndSaw
- After trimming the boards, they can be sorted on length by the sorting rack behind the EndSaw

Click here to view the video of the EndSaw.

Automatic dismantling using a robot

With the use of a robot we achieved tailor-made solutions for dismantling pallets. The robot saws the broken board or pallet foot.

Combine the pallet disassembly line with an automatic nail or pallet repair line or with a pallet sorting line. When combined with a sorting line, one employee sorts the pallets and the robot dismantles. Even complete pallet stripping is possible when working with a robot.

Hydraulic Pallet Dismantler (HPD)

At the LIGNA in Germany, May 2023, we introduced our revolutionary PalettenZerlegeZange (PZZ) / Hydraulic Pallet Dismantler (HPD).

The PZZ / HPD is a real gamechanger: watch the video here:

For more detailed information about the PZZ / HPD, please feel free to contact us. Our team is ready to answer all your questions and help you discover how this innovative product can take your operations to the next level.

Products for pallet dismantling

Cekamon PalletSaw instructional video