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How circularity only brings benefits for pallet companies

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Circular only brings benefits for pallet companies

A term that is widely used today is Circular. But what does circular mean and what can you as a pallet company achieve with circular entrepreneurship? Of course there are many answers to this question, but protecting the earth, preserving natural resources and preventing pollution and waste are the main motivations. In addition, there is simply money to be saved/earned with circular entrepreneurship.

Circular entrepreneurship, like climate neutral entrepreneurship, is part of sustainable entrepreneurship and is used to indicate that a product or service is 'good' for people, the environment and the economy. Sustainability is therefore a overall concept and a combination of several aspects. The ultimate goal is not to put an irreversible burden on the world around us, so that future generations can enjoy our beautiful planet.

While many companies have yet to start with circular entrepreneurship, pallet companies have generally been working on the theme for a long time, Gert de With, director of CekamonSAWS BV, also knows: “Pallet companies are often unconsciously already very sustainable. Wooden pallets have been sorted, repaired, dismantled and therefore recycled for decades. This makes wooden pallets a perfect fit for a circular economy.”

Save costs with sustainability

Reuse, repair and recycling, and therefore circularity, are the keywords of sustainability. Most pallet companies have made it a habit to give their wooden pallets multiple lives. Not surprisingly, reusing wooden pallets has many benefits. By recycling pallets you don't have to produce new ones. Not only does this ensure a sustainable business model, but it also saves on production costs and the purchase of wood. Certainly with the current, extreme wood price, which is partly caused by the ongoing wood shortage, there are many costs to be saved. In addition, processing wood is associated with high production costs. With the enormous energy prices of today, there is also a lot to save in this area.

Better for the environment

Sorting, repairing and dismantling pallets as well as recycling pallet wood is one of the best ways to reduce the burden on the environment. It reduces the need to cut down more trees, convert them into usable wood and of course recycling pallets reduces the number of transport movements. Certainly wood that is imported via cargo vessels or other long logistics chains has a relatively high CO2 footprint. By giving pallets and wood a new life locally, the burden on the environment can be greatly relieved.

Cekamon brings sustainability within reach

Cekamon has developed various solutions for pallet companies that want to sort, repair and/or disassemble their pallets. The perfect solution for efficiently dismantling and repairing pallets is, for example, the PalletSAW. In addition, Cekamon markets the EndSaw a trim saw for cutting used boards with nail residues. With both machines, which can also be included together in a complete production line, pallet companies can take circular and therefore sustainable entrepreneurship to a higher level.

Are you curious about how Cekamon's solutions can contribute to sustainable pallet production in your company or would you like more information about saving wood and costs? Please feel free to contact us.