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5 tips to maintain your saw blade

What is the best way to maintain your saw blade?

Saw blades are used in many different ways and industries. Like with all specialized tools, maintainance is crucial for your saw blade. These tips especially focus on the usage of the saw blade when sawing pallets. Of course, these tips can be used for other purposes as well. A saw blade wears out and has to be replaced more often than one wishes. Read our 5 tips to extend the usage of your saw blade up to 15%. 

  1. Never exceed the tension of 38 newton meter. 
  2. Check both saw guides weekly (read the instruction manual for the right adjustments).
  3. Check the wheels monthly on wear on the axles and dirt on the wheels.
  4. Check the curvature of the wheels annually.
  5. Let the saw do its job: do not push the pallet more than the saw can cut.