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Band saws
Band saws, CekamonSaws can supply bandsaws for different kinds of bandsawmachines. For the cutting of pallets and wood. If you give us the thikness, length and width than we grant you a competitive price for sharp saws!
Reciprocating saws
B   L 0.9 x 19 x 200 mm    
C   G 0,9 x 19 x 225 mm    
D   G 1,1 x 19 x 200 mm    
F   W 1.25 x 19 x 200 mm    
G   C 0.9 x 19 x 230 mm    
H   GW 1.27 x 19 x 200 mm    
I   L 0.9 x 19 x 250 mm    
Circular saws
Diameter Ø
  Number of teeth
180 mm   14 st.
250 mm   24 st.
300 mm   26 st.
350 mm   30 st.
400 mm   30 st.
450 mm   36 st.
500 mm   26 st.
600 mm   30 st.
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