Cekamon PalletSaw W for dismantling or repairing

The PalletSaw type W is a pallet stripping machine and is ideal for removing defective parts of pallets or completely dismantling of pallets. The best features of all the previous models is brought into one machine. The machine is available with various options.  
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Features of the PalletSaw type W:The tabletop
  • The speed is variable adjustable wich makes the machine very appropriate when using it to repair pallets.
  • The scissor mechanism always gives you the right amount of stability and makes sure that the table is always parallel to the bandsaw.
  • The footpedal works very good thanks to the use of a spring tensioner.

De bandsaw tensioner device

  • The stretching of the bandsaw does not have any influence on the tension of the saw
  • The life time is prolonged
  • The changing of the bandsaw has become very simple

The safety switches

  • Only 2 safetyswitches what minimalizes a chance of mailfunction.

The sawwheel

  • Made of solid steel and is very easy to adjust.

Extensive features:

  • Integrated forklift entrance ease the movement of the machine
  • a connection for the extraction of sawdust
  • extra solid doorhinges
  • instead of pushing, one can also pull a pallet through the palletsaw
  • completely maintenancefree; only cleaning

More reasons to choose the Cekamon Palletsaw

  • fixed protectionhood so you can work safely
  • lighting in the protectionhood for a good view on the work
  • The motor is equipped with a motorized brake, wich can stop the bandsaw immediatly when neccesary.
  • The stripping machine is suitable for dismantling and repairing of pallets.
  • The stripping machine can be operated by 1 person.
  • The hands are completely free by the use of a footpedal.
  • The cutting of nailresidu is no longer required.
  • CE Certificate (very important) is attached.
  • The well known good service of Cekamon
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