Multi Pallet Sorting Line

Save Time and Money with the Multi Pallet Sorting Line (MPSL)

CekamonSaws: Experienced Specialist in Pallet Sorting and Repair

Our customer approached us with a list of special requirements for pallet sorting. They knew they’d come to the right place, as we have a wealth of experience in providing both customized and ready-made solutions in this specific area. We put our heads together to come up with the Multi Pallet Sorting Line (MPSL), a unique solution that allows a single worker to sort an amazing 30 different types of pallets.
Process of Building Trust
After an intense process of brainstorming, meetings, going back to the drawing board, and yet more meetings and brainstorming (all of which required a relationship of mutual trust), CekamonSaws developed and installed the innovative pallet sorting line.
If you would like more information about this project, we have both detailed documentation available and a video demonstrating the operation of the sorting line.

MPSL: Specifications and Benefits
  • Can process virtually any type of pallet
  • Sorting speed in the mix (based on 30 different pallet types): minimum of 200 pallets an hour
  • Types and quantities of pallets sorted are recorded automatically
  • Equipped to sort only one type of pallet if needed (for example, exclusively Euro pallets)
  • Sorting speed: for one type of pallet, 400 pallets per hour based on 5 quality levels, e.g. first, second and third class, HT and damaged/rejected pallets
  • Can easily be operated by just one worker
  • Eliminates the need to haul 10-30kg pallets back and forth
  • Eliminates unnecessary forklift usage
  • Can be combined with a repair line
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