Cekamon Endsaw

De Cekamon Endsaw, which is used to saw used boards, was developed especially by CekamonSaws for placement directly behind the PalletSaw. So you can disassemble and shorten the boards with one person.
Working with the Endsaw is very simple. Place the boards (and beams) against one of the five predefined stops. These easily adjustable stops determine the length to be sawed. The boards and beams are taken to the circle saw by chainguides and are cut to the required length.
You do not need to worry about any old nails remaining in the wood. Cekamon has equipped the Endsaw with the ICE Ni-Matrix circular saws that were developed especially for this purpose.
The sawing speed is variabely adjustable with the frequency adjuster.
At the end of the machine there is a sorting rack. In this rack, the boards of different lengths fall in the right container.
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