About Cekamon

CekamonSaws BV is founded in 1994 to satisfy the market demand. Unusable pallets were becoming a growing problem and people desired to turn the problem in a good product. After a some time and various requests of customers, Cekamon Saws developed concepts and systems for sorting pallets and if neccesary repair them.
CekamonSaws introduced the Palletsaw in 1994. After wich the Endsaw came in 1997. In the following years more machines where developed:

We are developing machines for the pallet industry since 1994. Besides the 25 years of experience in the construcion of machines, we have over 40 years of experience in the palletindustry and we often use this asset for the development of new machines!
Specific problems of customers can always be solved, so you will always get a custom solution!
Cekamon continuously develops improvements in its sawmachines.
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