Cekamon used machinery

Besides our new machines for pallet recycling, we also have a number of used machinery for sale. These machines are fully inspected by our engineers and are all in good condition. Do you want more information? Please contact us.
• Replaces reciprocating saws blades
• Reduces dust 
• Reduction on Reciprocating saw blades and machines
PalletTipper T
• Simple constructed pallet tipper
• For pallet sizes 80x 120 and 100 x 120 cm
• Ideal in combination with a work bench
• No more heavy pallet lifting
Pallet circular saw
• For dismantling pallets
• Replaces the reciprocating machines

Pallet Sorting Platform
• For sorting pallets in size 80 x 120
• By just 1 employee
• Capacity approcx. 250 per hour
• Sorting in 3 different qualityies
• Takes little space requirments
• Limits the forklift movements
• Favorabel priced
• Can be connected to a Cekamon repair line
Conveyor, conveyor belts and chain conveyor
Used conveyor, conveyor belts and chain conveyor. In various sizes.